‘the freak’

‘THE FREAK’ is a Double Flyer Swallow Tail. Single to double concave to vee. Beveled bottom with chine rails. My personal board pictured is 6’2 x 24 x 2+3/4 that I ride in medium-large to large surf in 6-10′ range…

As a 5-fin configuration you can experiment to your needs as a 3, 4 or 5-fin setup. I shape them to suit your height and weight. Have shaped this particular design from 5’7 to 6’11 long, depending on the need as they go equally well as a hot-dogger or as a gun. If you would like more depth please don’t hesitate to email and I’ll get back to you. It has a very complex bottom.  Gives you a lot of return for you effort when you surf it. A very popular design.




NL Freak chat Peru

the freak from neil luke kneeboards on Vimeo.

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