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single flyer rounded square freak

This model I have dubbed the ‘Feral Mick’ after my mate I shaped the the original one for.  5´10″ x 23  1/4″ x 2  5/8″  it has the ´Freak´bottom and rails and is set up to be surfed as a 5, 4 or tri fin ( future fin set up). Fantastic board from 2 to 10 ft… excellent in the tube! The 5 fin set up gives you a lot of scope.


rounded square tail

5’10” x  23″ x  2  1/2″   this classic plan shape has a slight double-concave that starts at the front of the knee, runs length of shin and then forms a vee through the tail. It has fixed fins, with flexi tips but also can be just as happy with FCS or Future Fin Systems. Glassed with a 6 oz bottom and 6 x 4 oz deck for strength and durability also glossed and pollished.

IMG_4707             received_731293066987138