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Stay on the rails

Stay on the rails ….an obvious but sometimes overlooked component of ur kneeboard. The rail shape comes in a variety of choices egg, blocky, blade, chine, foiled, even thru out. Time and thought has been put in with hours of research and development to come to a good all-round rail. Today’s surfers are spoilt, the hard work has been done – can a rail get any better? So what u can do is use it to ur advantage. Bury it, roll it and release it with a fury to set ur whole ride up. Drive off it, feel it, understand what happens if u shift ur weight forward or back, use ur rail to stall and then lean forward to release…. Continue reading Stay on the rails

story behind my decal

My first shapers decal was the boy on the dolphin in the crest of a wave. I always felt what a great experience it would be to kneel on our dolphin friends back and fly through the waves, or shape kb’s that would do what a dolphin does. So dreams are for free. I had a model called the dolphin drive (The dolphin board)… And years later I lived in a street called “Dolphin Drive… Continue reading story behind my decal

Stinger Era

This photo was taken in 1976, this is my faithful old dog Katie who lived till she was 17. My EJ in the background with Aloha roof racks, they were excellent. The boards all Stingers with the classic concave V chine rails no step bottoms on these (I kept breaking them in half). The outside boards were mine. The one in the middle I shaped for Dallas Smith who was a member of the QLD state team in 1975… Continue reading Stinger Era

NL shaping and sharing

Forty-six years ago I endeavoured to try and shape my first surfboard out of an old one I had peeled the glass off. This was a common practice in those days. I didn't realise then that all these years later I would still be doing what I fell in love with way back then. To shape a board, then actually ride it in the surf to me was, and still is, a fantastic feeling. I'm glad to say I still enjoy it now as much as I did then.  I didn't really know what I was doing when I first started, I just tried. And I learnt...or basically felt my way through it. It was a time of trial and error and thinking 'I wonder if this would work', 'I wonder if that will work' and it was exciting, thinking and waiting and then feeling those new sensations as you finally got your craft into the water. For me, shaping is all about sharing. "You received free...give free..." I love sharing my knowledge and if I can inspire the love of kneeboarding I'm stoked. For this first blog post I couldn't say it better than an email I received today from a friend, Denis...

Continue reading NL shaping and sharing