Fresh Fish

If you like the feeling of the “Fish” as I do, then you will certainly relate. I make one, I dubbed the “Fresh Fish” as different from the “Freak” plan shape wise but with exactly the same rails and bottom contour…

As the majority of KB riders are in the over 40 bracket, it seemed a reasonable idea to make a KB that was “man for all seasons”, a good all rounder and user friendly, one you would keep in your quiver as a good friend to enjoy in all kinds of surf. So I wanted a wider nose but curvy for coming out of a top turn tight pocket, with a slightly straighter plan shape running into a wider than swallow tail/fish tail.



And its a deep fish tail which allows a plentiful vee flat or concave to run off to make it quickly respond to a direction change I put the bevel, chine-rail with a deep concave under the nose 10 to 12 inches back for entry quick and flow into deep double concave under the knees, flowing out through the fins a hull like feel. So you can shape your board with thickness and be able to scoop it out when you concave the bottom. 


In my journey I had great experiences with the chines and then using the concave and vee with a foiled thickness through the rails and a fine tail, it clicked! I went wider so the surfer could catch waves easier and then the elaborate bottom is like having a two in one, so you have the float, carry, and carve. 



In 1973 I had mini version of this KB it was 5’7″ x 21 ½ x 2 ¼, I’ve had many different noses and foils, now its 5’10” x 24 x 2 ⅞. The original had one fin, then two, then a tri, and now four, its got the twin keels that flex and a very thin not thick at all, I found having a small nurse fin on the inside was a great asset as it directed water and also flexed in tune with the keel.


Speed is what i’ve wanted from a board and with it you can do most things, so the straighter plan shape was called in. However the bottom curve and contour is anything but straight, I was asked to possibly explain how I developed this model. It simply has been a recipe from a lot of different dishes like a good chef, its all in the taste, taste and see that it is “Fresh Fish”.



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  1. Neil has shaped me two ‘fresh fish’ boards, am surfing as well if not better in my early 50’s thanks to this board. Have ridden a variety of boards over the journey this is the best!

    1. Thanks Very Much Chris, Im wrapped to be able to help you progress and have fun thats what its all about!!

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