‘the fresh fish freak’

‘THE FRESH FISH FREAK  has a wider nose which helps in small surf. No wings and full fish tail. Bottom contour, single to double concave to vee (quite pronounced) bevel/chine rails…

No wings. Excellent board from junk to 5′ but can be surprise packet too in big surf, believe it or not! Normal size 5’10 x 24 x 2+1/2. Can go longer, narrower, thinner. A 4-fin system. RastaKeels with smaller inside pivot fin, both flex.


board in front of padock  20140517_170833




One thought on “‘the fresh fish freak’

  1. I am an old surfer in my late fifties and and have been riding mals for many years now as i get older i find it harder to get to my feet quick enough to surf well.Yesterday i met a local surfer who had the same problem and went from his mal to one of your fish tailed kneeboards.He said it was the best thing he has ever done.He said he went in and simply bought one of the rack it was a six foot two with quad fins and it looked a great board.I am a big guy at 118 kgs so would need a lot of thickness and i love a bonza channel in the bottom to make for easy paddeling and concave in the nose can u do one like this for me……..regards kevin mcevoy

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