1974 Quiver

I was 18 and on my way to Queensland with my self-shaped kneeboards, they ranged between 5’7″ –  5’10”, as you can see no legropes ( they were not permitted in contests) and I didn’t like them, I felt more freedom without… 

The long right-hand point breaks of Snapper, Greenmount, Kirra, Burleigh and warm water were calling! I tested this Quiver out in some very hollow waves and they adapted well to Queenslands barrels, sometimes you would come out of the tube at Burleigh… and sometimes you would get clipped on the way out, and after a long swim I decided a legrope wasn’t a bad idea after all! My boards were different to my Northern friends as most rode Crozier slabs. And it was great to share ideas and waves together as it still is today, that is what it is all about!


NDL_49  NDL_47

The Southern Australian testing ground.↓↓↓NDL_69

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