“flow gotta go with the flow”

You would probably all agree that a flowing style not only looks good but it certainly feels good. A stop start style isn’t really what we want in our surfing. So how do we go thru our various turns without losing speed? Reading the wave by eye and feel is the key that opens up the flow. You must stay in the groove, so tap in…

All waves are different some have the power in the top half some have a great bottom to drive off. And we have spoken before about that first turn the importance of it, like exploding out of the blocks as a sprinter does. Then yet again there are waves that kinda crumble out the back and you stay with it winding up for the inside section then you explode with pace as it sucks out and runs along the shore. So what’s the key again? 

Reading and riding the wave for how it presents itself. I have always felt that turning your board to wind up the momentum is better than bouncing up and down. You are more likely to bog down from bouncing than you are from going rail to to rail. Swinging your arms and body to get the pendulum effect helps you feel the bottom contours and rails. Then you become one with your board and the flow starts happening. 

Your head weighs [some more than others] quite a bit so if you get it over the wide part of your board leaning forward head and shoulders. The board should accelerate into your turn this can help you not needing to push down on the nose with your hand as some kb riders do. But hey if its your thing and it works, cool. Its always good to try a different approach it stimulates your surfing process and helps you find the flow.

And your board has to be able to flow, so keep your bottom and rails clean, check your fins regularly for rough spots and chips. Foam rebounds and floaters over flat spots help keep the flow going, you are tapping into power where ever you can get it, so utilize the entire wave. Go out when its rubbish and try taking off on close outs and just drop and climb on the foam. Surfing onshore waves can help you read for the good section thats out there some where. And you can make some thing out of nothing. As you look for the one wave that doubles up on the inside. And it all helps you appreciate it more when you get the offshore winds and swell straightens up. You will find that all the flowing thru your turns is even better. Yes it takes discipline and dedication to go with the flow but you’re going to have a lot of fun on the way. So go with the flow bro.

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