And shaped into the bottom is ?

Yes, shaped into the bottom of the KB is something that I have reckoned to be the most important.

I asked myself, what would I shape into the bottom? After having all sorts of different contours, I am a great believer in the complex workings to keep the water flowing fast. Therefore, the combination of rocker, concave, vee is all-important…

What did I do? As pictured here, just a couple of different plan-shapes with basically the same “Freak” bottom. Bevels that are concave, single to double concave, to concave vee and chine-rails.

The effect? It’s a hull-like feel, gives you a lot of return for your effort, speed, drive, hold, even if you are high in the wave it will not drop out it will just hang on, especially in the tube.

The 2 different shapes pictured the old school plan-shape slab style with the “Freak” bottom contour is a brilliant all-rounder board.

And the “Freak” bat-tail rocket is a serious contender for serious waves. You can have various fin combinations on both these boards.


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dad shaping photo

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