The great unknown

Sometimes you just got to go and leap into the unknown, at least you can say you had a go. Whilst spending lots of years in the surf trying out new designs in boards and different fins and their configurations, one has all sorts of thrills and spills…

The foil of the fin, how much flex? The shape of the board outline, rocker, length, width, concaves and vees. Hard rails, soft rails and medium rails all were put to the test in solid waves. So the variety of boards that are available today in shapes, designs and an abundance of different fins didn’t just happen over night, time and effort and fun doing so has been all part of how exciting it is to be a shaper and designer. The main ingredient is your love for surfing, you have to keep it alive and keep doing it. 

I am stoked in the interest and progression of the surfers taking advantage on my old models being revamped with the new lighter and stronger materials. The fuller type (old school) plan-shapes with the Freak bottom and rails. It was worth the leap!




5 thoughts on “The great unknown

  1. My round nose single flyer square tail has is like a burger with the lot and I love it thought it would be a great cruiser but it surprises every surf in the performance department

  2. single concave thru to double concave seems to be the norm. What would be the outcome of just a single concave thru to a tail V ?

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