Off the Top

As a pendulum swings, so does the off the bottom off the top momentum of the kneeboard rider. We take off as late as possible (normally) to gain momentum off the bottom…

Lots of (offs) in this article. However the top turn reentry, snap, rebound, is always to keep your speed or to gain speed as its done with speed. To keep rocking along as fast as you can through your turns without losing that pendulum type effect.

Tri fin Banking 80s

It could be a bank off the top part of the wave as you look long into the upcoming section or it could be snap, snap, snap! (Don’t snap your neck in the process) or you might finish off with a nice floater reentry, its all part of the repertoire of your your bottom turn into the top part of the wave to give you the up and down momentum.

Single fin off the top 70s.

Concaves in a board help you rise to the steep part or critical part of the wave where naturally all the juice is that your looking for. Its no surprise that kneeboard riders are well regarded in this are of their surfing. But its all in the practice of the off the top, you can rise up to the vertical part of the pocket, lip area and just drop and climb, you still gain speed.


Its all in your style and we all have different ones just like a thumb print. So hit it, snap it, bank it, cruise it, whatever the wave allows you to do, when it presents itself as your looking for the tube (but thats another article). But just keep going, momentum, pendulum forward you kneeboard riders feel the wind in your face. Yeeeeeewwwwww!!!

1 thought on “Off the Top

  1. Love your posts mate. One thing that has always surprised me is the generosity you have shown in sharing your knowledge or as they would call it now, your intellectual property. Its the sign of atrue spirit committed to kneeboarding above yourself (in my opinion).

    If you have some controversial stuff now might be the time to poke the stick n the cage & fire things up.

    I am certain there are ‘things’ you tried back in the day that did NOT work……….I would love to hear about them.

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