Tube Allurance

Captivated by her charms, looking into one as you paddle out, thinking of where you want to be, we have always been drawn to the tube as kneeboard surfers…


Aren’t we in a great position to get naturally in the tube. Allurance of tube riding is what we are all driven by constantly looking for that opportunity to get into it. The inside looking out team! 


There was a time when we had  those heavy reef breaks, ledges to ourselves as we really had a huge advantage in getting into them from behind the peak or coming into the horse shoe on a surge and back-dooring it. It’s definitely what we all want is a good tube ride, there is nothing like it, and if you get yourself in the right spot at the right time you will be rewarded.

1981 Durambah KB Pro NL about to pull in the late great Albert Whiteman in white cap watching proceedings.

And it’s an art, thats for sure, it takes time and getting the right KB too, what tail works best for the type of wave you want to ride, what thickness, fins, plan shape? Sometimes getting the right balance you have to pay the price of a few wipeouts, am I describing something here you can relate to? Yes we all have had a favourite tube riding board that has just been excellent for that certain break.


Late drop, pull in weight on inside rail lean forward or back slightly, surfing the barrel as it presents. Nice rocker to complement tube curve, don’t get sucked up the face, timing is essential, wave selection important, relax and enjoy, blown out the end, you made IT.


Kneeboarding = Tube riding 

The tube is a lure, you just want to go back out there and do it again. So what style in the tube? Does it matter? As in head down backside up grab the rail and aim for the opening, or “look mum no hands”? Perhaps on rights throw your left arm forward and your right arm back and the opposite for lefts, as long as I come out the other end, find your own style


that your comfortable with. Put my chin on the face and drag my arm in the water to slow myself down to stay in there as long as I can, perhaps the barrel you got is that open you can drive a truck through it so you don’t have to do much but hold your rail in the right spot (Not with your hand this time) run along the base, don’t get sucked up, weight on inside rail, relax and enjoy the view. What a thing to try and explain to a person who’s never surfed! They think were from another planet, inside the tube we might well be.

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