Stinger Era

This photo was taken in 1976, this is my faithful old dog Katie who lived till she was 17. My EJ in the background with Aloha roof racks, they were excellent. The boards all Stingers with the classic concave V chine rails no step bottoms on these (I kept breaking them in half). The outside boards were mine. The one in the middle I shaped for Dallas Smith who was a member of the QLD state team in 1975…

I was on a different trip to what was happening elsewhere these boards went great at the time. The Swallow-tail was 5″11 x 22 ¾”. The Double-flyer-rounded-square was 5″9. I just eventually brought the wings back to 6 and 12 and turned them into twin fins.

(Pic taken in front of the old place that became the Munch house which became Tex Mex then burnt down and Les Jones plumbing workshop over the road and the old Amaroo Caravan park, Thompson Ave, Cowes Phillip Island)


2 thoughts on “Stinger Era

  1. Is that in Thompson Avenue Neil? Looks like it, that is Gains plumbing shop behind on the left and the Golden Wheel Caravan Park on the right. Me, Whale and Biscuit lived there in a cabin, our first home on PI. Stewie Maxwell was labouring there digging a drain, he didn’t talk to us. About a week after moving in there around 1973 Whale decided to train at the Cowes ground with the PIFC, he was playing for Waverley in the VFA 2nd div at the time. On his first night he came home saying we all had jobs at the council and the locals would now talk to us………..went from zero to hero in a flash!

    1. Zero to hero and ur still a hero Nose, yes thats where it is “golden wheel” was home to many of us for awhile, sadly not a sleepy little town anymore! 🙁

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