story behind my decal

My first shapers decal was the boy on the dolphin in the crest of a wave. I always felt what a great experience it would be to kneel on our dolphin friends back and fly through the waves, or shape kb’s that would do what a dolphin does. So dreams are for free. I had a model called the dolphin drive (The dolphin board)… And years later I lived in a street called “Dolphin Drive…

   5020850                   common-dolphin-australia

The decal I use now is the “Cutback in the Cosmos”. It has the 76 cutback in background, a photo by Dave Rogerson. As we travel through our surfing lives we pass many planets and share many waves the stars represent them, our friends the dolphins are always present dancing and happy they are the real surfers, we move our shapes towards them like where the turn is going,  always turning to them for inspiration. So the whole decal is mobile. The Starfish, Shellfish are silent sentinels to our progress and joy, It’s a happy decal. 

.facebook_-1582261875Neil Luke screen print

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